From Good To Great in Recruitment

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Good recruitment is very much a science. A discipline and process of competency based recruitment which will take you a very long way indeed in the avoidance of making poor recruitment decisions. In anybody’s book, this is good recruitment practice.

But nowadays, we need great, not just good recruitment. So what is missing from the above?

What’s missing is very much a magic ingredient the recruiter brings to the table. It’s the art of being able to see what talent is worth recruiting. This is a much more sophisticated aptitude, and its one more rare than the mere application of science.

Today’s work environment is dynamic and pacey. And today’s talent needs to be conducive to stretch, and continuously develop and evolve to meet these needs.

“To recruit talent is a science…but to see what talent is worth recruiting is an absolute art”

Look beyond the CV for:

Those who continually stretch themselves without being asked through expanding their experience, their skills, and their thinking.

Those who make coaching a central tenet of their ongoing journey.

Those who are routinely looking for future trends in their worlds.

These are core indicators of a mindset and attitude which is set on continual improvement. It serves the individual, and the organisation very well. Watch out for it and grasp it whenever you can!

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