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The GROW Model – Coaching Tool

The GROW model is a proven approach in coaching to improve performance. GROW is an acronym standing for:

Goal : Current Reality : Options : Will

The model is supremely simple, yet it’s a powerful framework for effective coaching or mentoring sessions.

1. Establish the Goal:

First, you must define and agree the goal or outcome to be achieved. We help you define a goal that is specific, measurable and realistic.

2. Examine Current Reality:

Next, describe the “Current Reality”. This is a very important step: Too often, people try to solve a problem without fully considering their starting point, and often they are missing some of the information they need to solve the problem effectively.

We help you examine your current state and a solution will start to emerge.

3. Generate Options:

Once you have explored the “Current Reality”, it’s time to explore what is possible.  We help you harvest all the many possible options you have at your fingertips for resolving the issue and generate as many good options as possible.

4. Establish the Will:

By examining “Current Reality” and exploring the Options, you will now have a good idea of how the goal can be achieved. That’s great – but in itself, this may not be enough! So we help you to commit to specific action(s). In so doing, your will and motivation will be firmly established.

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