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I have been a bad, bad girl according to my mentor; I hadn’t done my homework which was to start to map out my 3 year career plan. Whilst trying to tease out of me where I see myself going it dawned on me that I needed to do an honest reflection on what I had learnt on my mentorship journey so far, what were my strengths and where did I need to develop further. What skills do I need to enhance to get that dream job and what do what I really want to do? I came to the conclusion that perhaps it was time to do a 360 degree appraisal; something I have feared for many years! I once said to someone that I didn’t need to a do a 360 degree appraisal as I knew I was a rude, stroppy person and I didn’t need anyone to tell me. To which my colleague said “well as long as you know that…”. But perhaps it is time to get some external insight from colleagues and peers. I mentioned it to a close colleague I work with and he looked horrified and said you do know it can be a painful experience, he obviously has not had the tough love of a mentorship relationship, bring it on.

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  • Aresko says:

    Feedback is the greatest gift anyone can give another, so long as its honest and given in the spirit of being developmental. It means both the giver and the receiver want to help make good things happen. Giving and receiving feedback is an absolute skill. I think we might do something in a future Thursday Thoughts! feature on it. When done well, it can be enlightening but I’m a firm believer in the mantra of, “its not what you say, its the way that you say it” that makes the most everlasting impression.

  • Alison Crawford says:

    That’s brave, but I hope it works for you Peggy. As a colleague I found you to be very supportive and approachable, so I expect you will get positive feedback, not just doom and gloom.

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