Mentorship & Me Part 11 - Peggy Edwards - The Irony of Stocktaking

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My challenge this week was to develop my 3 year plan; in order to do this we agreed I should do a stock take on what I had learnt so far and what I need to concentrate on developing, going forward. Also, I had to look at my CV to see how well I am selling myself so when that golden opportunity comes along it is ready. Well I am about half way through and it suddenly struck me how much I have reverted back to my core values trying to bring all this information together; I did a list of 10 sins, just a brain storm of what I had learnt throughout my mentoring sessions. Then guess what; I tried to find the evidence to back this up, I got out my Myers Briggs scoring, the exercises and feedback from identifying my learning style, my ‘colours’ feedback etc and started to link these to my sins. Even as I was reading the information and mapping it out it took a while for the irony of it all strike me. The facts were in front of me, written down, that I thrive with a logical /evidence based approaches and use processes that I am familiar with and that is exactly what I was doing. My mentoring sessions clearly have identified I need to develop a more reflective style and I have been trying really hard to do this and yet I have, within minutes, gone straight back to what I am comfortable and familiar with. I like to think I embrace change (the evidence suggests once I have accepted change I develop a plan going forward) and yet there is something quite deep within my psyche which needs to be fundamentally moved  for me to do things in a different way.

Now I am sure there will be a book on that someone where I can read…

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  • Aresko says:

    What I’m hearing is that reflection is working and at least you recognise when you are doing it now – which is a step forward don’t you think?

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