Mentorship & Me - Part 14 - Peggy Edwards - Has Anything Changed?

Posted by | November 19, 2012 | Mentee Blog Posts | One Comment

Well folks I have fallen off the wagon; emails going fine, to-do list still banished but the red in me did rear its ugly head again last week, be it for a brief moment. I reacted badly and immediately to what I took as a personal and public verbal onslaught by a manager. Instead of taking in a deep breath, they got my old self, responding with as good as I felt I received. So my mentor poses the question what has changed (and what on earth is she going to do with me)?

Actually, a lot has changed, yes the genie was out of the bottle, but he was put back in again very quickly. Also I recognised that the situation was handled badly instead of justifying it to myself as I would have done previously. I also took the time to reflect and discuss it with my line manager and formulate a strategy for handling the ongoing situation and future potential encounters. Mentorship has helped me recognise that my behaviour, at times, isn’t how I would like the world to think of (or remember) me, those times are now few and far between.

Mind you it was a bit of a shock to those around at the time…….they now know what they are in for if they rattle me enough.

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One Comment

  • Aresko says:

    I can feel a series of “managing my personal brand’ coming on 🙂 Good that the reflection is working though Peggy – keep it up.

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