Mentorship & Me - Part 15 - Peggy Edwards - Reflection

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IMG_1496After spending some idilic time wondering around the Aresko estate, my latest  mentorship session took a reflective view of progress to date. We have now reached a point in our sessions where there are less ‘what am I going to do with you’ comments and far more ‘thats good’. My reflection skills have improved to the point where I have stopped rocking in a corner and my mentor has to drag painful self analysis out of me, to an ability to recognise what I wasn’t doing so well in the past. I hope others have seen a change in me, I know I certainly view my professional life so differently now. Little things which seem to dominate my personality have now gone; the pressure of my in box, my constant to-do lists, my need to read and research things to the minute detail. I am developing ways of seeing myself from another view point, spending time reflecting on how I can do things differently and how others traits can influence me and how I can then influence them. Without mentorship I would still be stuck with the attitude of ‘this is me and they have to get over it’  and wondering why I could never seem to get things quite right. Now I can see more clearly how what I do makes a difference. Onwards and upwards……………well there are some lovely hills on the estate.

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