Mentorship & Me – Part 6 – Alison Crawford – Success!

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Coaching and MentoringSometimes life can get in the way of career aspirations, but with a Mentor on board I felt that I had a little extra support to get back into the swing of things.  Having applied for a couple of jobs and not heard anything for a long time I assumed that I hadn’t been shortlisted, but then out of the blue two interviews appeared.  Time to put my game face on and get ready.  Mentor session booked, job specs circulated.  I arranged for a colleague to do a mock interview and my (very supportive) boss gave me the inside skinny on the interview structure this organisation was using.

My mentor session wasn’t quite what I expected.  Expecting lots of tips on delivering a good interview, instead I was told to ‘knock ‘em dead’ and asked how I will be choosing which job to accept.  Reflecting, this was just what I needed.  I knew how to do a good interview, the reminder of this was timely, but at this point in time I needed confidence more than anything else, and this is precisely what I got from my session. We talked about my favourite of the two possible roles and how this matched my career aspirations more fully, and we explored my passion for this potential line of work.

The moral of the story (if such a thing exists) is that the external perspective can be very useful.  I thought I needed more knowledge or strategies to succeed at interview and would have spent evenings and weekends researching endlessly.  In reality, I had this already, I just needed to be reminded of that and then to sell it, and to believe in myself that I was up to the jobs on offer.

And my mentor was right.  I was offered both jobs.

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  • Aresko says:

    Brilliant result Alison! Covey said “begin with the end in sight” and we’ve covered this in a previous Thursday Thoughts! All you did was put this into action. Great effort = great result. Well done indeed.

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