Series of Tools for Change - Part 2

The following is a tool and technique I have used extensively to improve the achievement of personal goal setting in the past.  It’s simple and it works.  Taken from the book “Goal Setting – How to Create an Action Plan and Achieve Your Goals” by Susan B. Wilson and Michael S. Dobson, it’s been a staple part of a self development toolkit for some time now.

If you’ve ever wondered about how or why the statement, “if you want something done give it to a busy person” works, then try this personal audit and see if you are one of this world’s “busy people” or if you have a little way to go yet.

For each of the 10 statements, respond either … Almost always : Sometimes : Rarely

Then follow the scoring at the end and see if you have any room for improvement.


1. When I set a goal, I write it down.

2. I describe my goal in specific, measurable terms.

3. I often visualize my goals.

4. My goals are achievable.

5. I set realistic deadlines for completing my goals.

6. I break a large goal into manageable units.

7. I look for the potential problems that may keep me from reaching my goals.

8. I take action to remove or minimize those potential problems.

9. I review progress toward my goals on a regular basis.

10. I know the personal rewards of reaching my goals.

Assess your responses by counting the number of times you responded ‘‘Nearly Always’’ and multiply that number by 3.

Multiply the number of times you responded ‘‘Sometimes’’ by 2, and the number of times you responded ‘‘Rarely’’ by 1. Then add the resulting three numbers for a total score.

Analysing Your Score

24–30 : Excellent job of setting effective goals

18–23 : On your way to achieving effective goal setting. Take another look at the statements where your responses were less than ‘‘Nearly Always.’’ These are the areas for additional focus.

Below 18 : There are several areas in which you can improve your goal setting.

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