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I’ve been at home more than usual of late – mainly due to a bout of illness so I’ve not been in the thick of the workplace momentum and general frantic-ness for a little while.  It’s been perfect for reflection and a process of spotting lessons embedded in unusual places.  Which has prompted this week’s area for us to ponder further …..

“Which movie would you like to give to your boss (or significant other) that has powerful messages they would do well to see, hear and learn from?”

This is an interesting area.  In the workplace, I’ve previously undertaken management training which has relied heavily on the medium of the classics, Shakespear’s Julius Caesar and Henry V spring to mind with huge messages on how to influence effectively.  It’s not to everyone’s taste, but I loved it and learnt from it and have implemented what I learnt to good effect.

So this week, something more accessible to everyone, films.  Which ones have contained stories and lessons which have resonated with you personally, and ……

“Which ones would you like to share with your boss and why?”

Share your insights, for bosses or just people who have significant influence in your life, via comments please.  If you know of anyone with a similar story to tell, encourage them to contribute too if you would?


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  • Aresko says:

    I’ve cited One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest as my all time favourite film for a very long time now. However, I’ve looked at what I believe is the learning we can take from it and why I admire it so much through the lens of this question. Ignoring Jack Nicholson’s excellent personal performance in this multi-Oscar winning film for the moment, what I particularly admire is the ultimate story of someone trying to be heard reasonably and sensibly when surrounded by an authoritarian regime/culture. The last of the great counter-culture Hollywood movies! I believe that authority and culture does emanate from the very top, and those operating at those dizzy heights would do well to listen more and be more open-minded and flexible to how things are achieved. There is always more than one way to achieve something – the boss does not always know best – contrary to what some I’ve encountered, have believed! In my experience, the best ones listen to views and are serious and sensitive in their responses and handling of individuals at all levels.

    I like that – I don’t think being courteous takes any more time or effort than being rude. The long-lasting effect on morale, efficiency, loyalty, support and engagement is priceless though.

    I’m sure there are heaps of other examples out there – looking forward to seeing them.

  • madameestsortie says:

    I think Delicatessen. a). It’s my favourite film ever. But – more importantly – b) it depicts (in a funny, entertaining and beautifully stylish way) how people act when they’re subject to extreme circumstances.

  • Aresko says:

    I haven’t seen it, but I want to now 🙂 I might download it and watch it on a 10 hr flight I’m taking next week Georgie. You’ve got me intrigued now.

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