THURSDAY THOUGHTS! - Room, Desk or Car?

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Room, desk and car – which do you clean first?

It’s Thursday again folks and here we go again.  Keep the answers coming and spread the word to friends and colleagues to come and  join in if you/they can.  This Thursday, lets consider a wide open, unexplained, red question:

“Room, desk and car – which do you clean first?”

This was a real interview question asked in a company called Pinkberry, for the role of “shift leader”.  We’ve all been in situations where we’ve been asked a question, whether at interview or otherwise, which has completely surprised us.  I suspect this particular question produced one of those situations!

I will share some of the actual answers offered during this recruitment process later, but lets see what we can add to the mix in the first instance.  As always, answers by way of comments below, always feel free to submit future questions for Thursday Thoughts!,  and lets have some fun with this one!

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  • Peggy Edwards says:

    Now that’s a really hard one, as I do all three every week, and depends on the time of year which I would start with. If it is a nice sunny day then car as there is nothing better than a shiney motor. If it is in the middle of winter and horrible out then room, and I always run a flash wipe over my desk, key board and phone every Friday (germs you see). Reading this back I am a really sad person…..

  • Aresko says:

    Not sad Peggy, but hugely organised in all aspects of your orchestrated life maybe! Some might say you like control – I wouldn’t dare say to what extent here 🙂 You’ve provided a very “blue” answer. There’s lots in there about thinking about the process of thinking (“depends on time of year”), control mechanisms are in play (“I do all 3 every week”), maintaining overview (“weather/germs”), you’ve started and finished with blue thinking processes (“now thats really hard/reading this back ..”) it shows focus, action plans and what decisions you’ve actually made (“if its a nice day/middle of winter/every Friday”)

    It’s a really insightful question to ask at interview if you are looking for finding out very quickly how people approach prioritisation or the routine of tasks, or whether someone is methodical and organised.

    Whats the most tricky question you’ve ever been asked in interview?

  • chezsandj says:

    Always the room – then at least it looks as if everything is fine and dandy, even if the dust is just hidden under the carpet. Office would come second; no-one ever goes there except us (although I am pleased with my January-tidy desk ). What exactly do you mean by cleaning the car??? We have a multi-purpose coach, dog, carrier, van come-tractor which is only ever cleaned if we get a free valet when it’s serviced (hardly ever, over here).

  • Aresko says:

    I possess predominantly green thinking processes, so if asked and if left to my own devices, I would probably say something like:

    The order would change as often as the weather, and I would probably not do all 3 all the time. Much would depend on what was needed at any time. Right now, its probably the car, but there again various rooms could do with a start too. My desk is always relatively tidy – I like it that way as it helps to clear my mind. I don’t think there’s a logical beginning, middle and end to this list, in fact is it actually a to do list for me or someone else 🙂 I like the idea of having a list, just not that its MY list, if you know what I mean – ha ha.

    All things green there, at some point, pretty early on, I’d see you with blue thinking processes glaze over and switch off and black thinkers start to fume and tell me all the possible reasons why I couldn’t and shouldn’t proceed in the “loose” way they perceive me to be thinking, then reds would chip in and say “I’m really uncomfortable with that approach to this list because I have a hunch you really need to sort your car out from what I remember being in there last”; and yellows would argue, “thats a great start, I can see that starting with the car would be a huge step forward in getting through the list and then we are on to the next one and more than half way there!”. Whites would ask lots of additional questions like, “who’s car? what room? depends which desk you are talking about!”

    Get all these in the team at the same time and you are cooking on gas!

  • Aresko says:

    Excellent Sarah, just how white is that response do you think?

    Facts in justification, questions/calls for information, dates, specific examples, and its addressed purely the information presented/available. Love it! Very ordered and decisive, makes for an invaluable member of any team because these people get things done!!!

  • Aresko says:

    @childrens_trust The Children’s Trust (via Twitter)
    @AreskoLtd life is too short for cleaning #IMO of course ! I would be training for a 10k for us instead !!

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