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In what way does life fascinate you?

Well its been a very busy week at Aresko HQ but we’ve managed to pull a Thursday Thoughts! out of the bag at the last moment today 🙂  So here’s a nice yellow mellow sort of question to end a Thursday evening and start your thinking towards the weekend:

In what way does life fascinate you?

Its yellow because its assuming a glass half full scenario – its proposing that life fascinates everyone!  It symbolises brightness and optimism and is a very positive statement.  In asking “in what way” it suggests logic is the obvious route to benefits and it probes for statements of harmony and values.  But it can be answered in any manner of ways.

So, share your colourful answers to this one and why not ask others to join in?  I know there are one or two lurkers out there who follow and read but don’t yet contribute to comments.  Make January your brave month and put a toe onto the comments section this week.  Everyone is more than welcome.

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  • Georgie Agass says:

    Like Blanche du Bois, I’m always impressed and grateful that ‘you can always depend on the kindness of strangers’. I know there are exceptions but I believe it’s our default position to want to contribute and help, so for me, it’s humanity’s humanity which fascinates me about life.

  • Aresko says:

    Nice warm red/yellow approach to the question posed Georgie. Full of emotional feelings, value laden, and underpinned with logic. There’s one school of thought that suggests the Western world is under-developed in this thinking process. So very forward thinking in that respect 🙂 Thanks for participating, spread the word!

  • Georgie Agass says:

    If I’m red/yellow does that make me orange?!
    This is really interesting stuff. I’m glad you post it.

  • Aresko says:

    I thought of orange when I was replying actually! Mr De Bono might not have approved but there was definitely traits of both in there. I’m a firm believer that nothing is random, so I like this sort of insight modelling too. Keep reading, there’ll be much more with varying twists in the future. Once we’ve covered all the 6 hats in questions, we’ll do a bit of deeper analysis and discuss the pros and cons of its use because, there’s no doubt about it, its not a definitive labelling process. I actually don’t like labelling per se, but learning to spot these sorts of traits is really helpful in all elements of professional life.

  • chezsandj says:

    I only have to step outside the back door on a clear night to remind myself that in spite of everything that happens in our daily lives be they small annoyances or great achievements, our little planet is completely inconsequential in the scheme of things.

  • Aresko says:

    Deep Sarah:-) Also very red and demonstrates the passion and emotional value you have for big and intangible concepts. You place instances (unexplained and undefined) instinctively into the perspective of the very big concepts. There’s fire and intuition in this. The unexplained, open-ended nature of your statement is a true red thought process.

  • Peggy Edwards says:

    In that it doesn’t matter what we do, how hard we work or how much we care, the world will still turn, the sun will still rise and set, the tide will still go in and out, so we might as well enjoy it. It can always be worse so be grateful for what you have and appreciate your lot, tomorrow is a new day and you are blessed if you see it.

  • Aresko says:

    nice green/yellow answer there Peggy. Some lateral thinking showing through with a well rounded inevitable hypothesis (green) as well as some application of logic (yellow).

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