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Week 6 of an interesting series of questions, which aim to explore preferences for our own thinking perspectives and explores where others might be coming from.  The best use of this technique is for achieving a clear understanding of why mixed teams with common skills levels are usually the most productive and successful.  Successful teamwork is primarily about trust, diversity and bringing a breadth of skills to the table – managing that spread of diversity around  a common theme is often challenging.  So this series aims to raise awareness of the principle, and give diversity a prominent place in our work lives.  I hope you are enjoying it as much as we are now we’re in the penultimate week of (hopefully) provocative questions.  We’ll analyse it all at the end so keep tuning in and try to recruit other contributors if you can.  We’re a friendly bunch, don’t bite, and usually have a great banter along the way 🙂  Here’s the week 6 question then:

What do you consider to have been your defining moment(s) so far?

Interesting question don’t you think?  Having occupied life on this planet for half a century now, when I’m reflecting, I can spot several moments in my life, be they personal or professional, that I can pinpoint and say, “yes, that was a defining moment for me in what came next and a direction I took in life generally.”

The question demonstrates a lot of white characteristics, being it:

  • calls for information known or needed;
  • looks for thinking that includes who, what, where, when, why and how; and
  • will force thinking back to objectives, dates, facts, opinions etc.

If we link to last week’s question, we might say this one is rooted in soul type music with lyrics that lean toward soul-searching and bearing grievances.  Its a pretty soul searching kind of question don’t you think?

So, be brave, think honestly and let me know “What you consider to have been your defining moment(s) so far?”

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  • Maggie says:

    Being present – mindfullness. Keeping energy ‘healthy’ and good. The NHS is a bit of a sad place at the moment, heavily loaded with politics. How our actions can impact on our own/ + others and their health and well being …?

  • Sarah Gant says:

    Am I the first this week? OK. Deep breath and here I go…..

    Looking back over the past 51 years I think there have been two points in my life after which things changed radically.

    The first was when I told my now-longtime-ex husband that I’d had enough. It took me a while to get to that point and I had to muster all my inner strength to do it, but I did, and apart from all the obvious repercussions, it proved to me that when I am facing something hard to do I can do it. (with the implication, that I think I’ve come to terms with, that when I don’t do something difficult I’m faced with it might be because it’s not important enough to me.)

    The second was over a Whitsun weekend about seven years ago. Jonathan and I were sitting on the pool terrace with friends, watching the sun go down and sharing a bottle of something (probably Rose). They asked “what exactly is stopping you from moving here permanently?” and we didn’t have any answer!

  • Aresko says:

    Wow Sarah, two biggies there! Your answer is constructed in a very blue way, insofar as you’ve thought about the process of thinking. Its got focus, steps, action plans. It summarises the decisions that were made and has a great feel of overview and orchestration about it. The issues themselves are very green, with new beginnings, growth, focusses on possibilities and alternatives. But its not wholly green as it goes beyond ideas and perceptions into concrete actions and follow through. Which is why I think its overwhelmingly blue in construction. Perhaps you have a preference for green thinking but act out in a blue way? Very ambidextrous 🙂

  • Aresko says:

    Interesting Maggie, I’m going to be honest here and say I’m not entirely sure where its going but lets give it a go anyway 🙂 Yellow I think. Glass half full, seeking harmony and probing for value. If we were still talking about last weeks question I’d be thinking gospel music 🙂

  • Peggy Edwards says:

    This one is a very personal one, so won’t use the most defining but my second most defining moment. I found last weeks hard but if you had asked what your favorite film is I would immediately say Star Wars, which is also a defining moment (keep with me it is, honestly). In 1977 I was 10 and I went to see this film, I was gob smacked and I immediately knew I never wanted to work in an office, I knew I wouldn’t work in space, but I wanted a career in the science field. I did all the sciences in school, colleague and even dabbled a bit in uni. To this day I am a ‘ologist’ at heart, needing structure, process and laws of nature to guide my way. I still love science and the stars and have a huge crush on Prof Brian Cox. If I hadn’t seen that film I may well have had this career but you never know.

  • Aresko says:

    Well you’ve caught me out this time Peggy. I thought you’d provide a very blue response but this is very red in that it’s based on the emotions of an impressionable 10 year old which then produced lifelong reactions. Very fiery. Even structured, logical thinkers can be fiery 🙂

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