THURSDAY THOUGHTS! - Are you a productive leader?

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good-bossDo you hold some colleagues in awe simply because they always seem to have the time to do things you want to do, but never get around to doing yourself? Do you wonder how they find the time?  Are you spending a lot of time apologising for not having done something you promised you would?

The simple fact is, the total amount of time available in the workplace is the same for us all. Some people just use it more effectively and productively thats all.  If you are one of those who always seem to be chasing their tail, then a good starting point is to analyse the amount of time you spend in meetings, what you do in those meetings, and who you are having those meetings with.  So,

“Are you a productive leader?”

Start off by reviewing your diary.  I used to call my diary my jail until I mastered how to manage my meeting commitment.  If you feel as if you don’t have enough time to do the things you really feel you should be doing, you can bet your bottom dollar that your staff feel that you don’t spend enough time with them, or your stakeholders feel you are remote, or your membership feel talked at rather than involved.  So now’s the time to put that right.

What would you do with 5 hours extra a week?  Does that sound like a huge amount?  It’s only a redistribution of one hour per day in fact and Are You A Productive Leader will help you find that time – so whats stopping you?  Get stuck in and do it the easy way, a tried and tested way.  You owe it to yourself and to those you work with to become better at that which you are employed to do.

As ever, try it and share your experience, your time is as valuable as everyone else’s so get a grip of it sooner rather than later.

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  • Peggy Edwards says:

    I used to be far more productive in previous roles, as I worked from home and pretty much led my diary and time. Now I am in a different role I struggle to synchronise my workload and time management with my bosses. When I plan to do a piece of work this in inevitably doesn’t happen as I am awaiting comments, instructions for guidance. I know I am a demanding employee so I am conscious of tempering that need for immediate attention, but I also can’t abide doing things last minute; it completely stresses me out, especially when I have done my bit to avoid this. Balancing the work patterns between people is very hard; having a productive boss also means having a supportive and synchronised team.

  • Aresko says:

    yes it does, and the presentation accessed via the link should help this too. Did you find that helpful Peggy?

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