Thursday Thoughts! - Building Effective Relationships

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With thanks to Maggie this week for a topic centred around the relationship that is the closest friendships we have.  I’ve certainly experienced this sort of scenario with those I consider to be my closest friends. So the question posed for us this week is:
“What have we invested in personal everlasting relationships, that we might replicate with colleagues and/or key stakeholders in the workplace, to build effective professional relationships?”
This is what I’m thinking about to think my way around the question posed:
  • What is it about the relationships we hold dear that allows us to span time effortlessly?
  • How do we achieve these positions of unquestionable trust with some but not all friends?
  • If we were writing a recipe for effective relationships, what would we put into the mix?

Nice suggestion for this week Maggie.  Thankyou!  Anyone got others they’d like to hear peoples views on in the future?

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  • Peggy Edwards says:

    Interesting one this week (sorry late posting this), as my mentorship sessions have identified I struggle with trusting others to do things and would much rather get on with it myself, but I do have a couple of close relationships with colleagues I work with but not all. So what does make the difference – I think it is because they come up with the goods, even when you don’t explicitly ask or expect them to do so. They support you through good and bad and are loyal, which is exactly what I do back.So I would put loyalty, consistency and honesty in the mix, as well as the ability to have a good laugh.

  • Aresko says:

    So are you saying this is your recipe for trust?

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