THURSDAY THOUGHTS! - Creative Places, Spaces & Bases

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I scheduled this post last week, knowing I’d be away for the next 2 weeks feeding my creative hunger – but it made me think.  Everyone has places, spaces or bases where they do their most creative thinking.  Do you have your best ideas whilst ironing, or whilst you are soaking in the bath maybe, or when you are otherwise inspired by your surroundings in some way or doing something you know makes you look at things from a different perspective?

So this week’s question attempts to find out where those places, spaces or bases are, for you:

“Where do you have your best ideas, and why?”

This week I am mostly in Havana!  I know, I’m very lucky and privileged to be able to say that!  This will definitely be creative and inspirational for me as I’ll be wandering around with my beloved camera very firmly in my hands – and I always do my best free thinking when I’m in a photography scenario when I can bring filters and lenses to process 🙂

I’m very much looking forward to finding out about your places and why – yes I can (and will) check what’s coming through from afar – but forgive me for having a daiquiri in my hand when I do so !!!

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  • peggy edwards says:

    I have two places when I am at most creative; whilst I am running and whilst I am able to sit and have a random conversation with a special couple of people. I am best when running – makes me sound like I am some sort of exercise freak. I only run about 3k each week on my running machine at home. As there is no chance I will get run over by a car or fall of the curb then my mind is totally free to wonder. Also however when I spend time bouncing ideas around with friends and colleagues whose opinions I value I find this often leads so some inspirational work.

  • Aresko says:

    Thats not unusual Peggy. Once social and one introverted place. The running, doing something automatic is very usual indeed, as it frees your mind from the dreaded “box” and it can wander unshackled all over the place. Putting it simply, you should do it as much as possible!!

    PS the daiquiri’s were fabulous!

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