THURSDAY THOUGHTS! - Do you keep a reflection diary?

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Self-improvement is grounded in honest reflection.  Unless you can be honest with yourself, about your own performance/behaviour/attitude/actions, then you will always be fighting a losing battle on achieving the sort of professional self-improvement, which others will see and be appreciative of.

Try this snakes and ladder approach to keeping a reflection diary.  Keep it simple, don’t overdo the compilation or you will avoid doing it again, and then print them out and store them for future review.  What gets written down,  will maintain your future attention, and this way you will have a true portfolio for all your appraisal conversations in the future.

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  • Each stage is optional – seek feedback as often as possible
  • Write only what you want, and when you want
  • Date each entry – you will need to review over time
  • Use this “root” template for each issue/event – it should become routine
  • Keep in a ring binder for ease of review, and revisit it at least twice a year

If, like many, you prefer a spreadsheet workbook approach to this, I’ve put together a template for you here:  THURSDAY THOUGHTS! (3) WORKBOOK.  Whatever floats your boat is useful, but most of all, do compile one and let me know how useful you found this simple technique.

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One Comment

  • Peggy Edwards says:

    Like the SUMO I am shocked you haven’t made me practice this more. Tried the spread sheet on the ipad and can’t get it to adjust columns. Will try this as there are some interesting experiences lately and been out and about more engaging with some key stakeholders. Need to try this for a few weeks and bring it along for a session,

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