THURSDAY THOUGHTS! - Do you make the most of social media?

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Everyone, so it seems, is now using social media for one reason or another.  Whether you tweet for business or pleasure, have a Facebook page you particularly like, or just couldn’t keep up with developments on what you consider important without it. Social media is now a “must have” tool for all sorts of communication.

Aresko works with The Social Shark.  He has done great work for us on many projects – one way and another; and was recently featured in The Internet Marketing Mag (pages 3 and 32).  Great article on maximising reach and recognition for your particular issues; and also on saving time.  Who doesn’t want to save time?

The important thing is: if you have  page you like, do like whatever it posts or draws attention to, and comment whenever you can, it only takes a nano second to make a contribution and, for bloggers or FB-ers like us, it means the world.

Behind all this great social media interaction is a need to develop various skills.  Aresko can help with:

I won’t keep you any longer, as I would love you comment on the article I’ve featured, and even pop over to our FB page so see whats going on there.  See you in the ether 🙂

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