THURSDAY THOUGHTS! - Do you stand out for the right or wrong reasons?

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Spotting potential and developing yourself or those in your teams take a certain degree of judgment and a whole lot of effort! Incompetent leaders have teams who turn on each other and fight in a non-productive manner.  There is absolutely no reason why everyone, with developmental help and an attuned sense of professional self-awareness, cannot all be rising stars and creative and productive team members.  Aresko can help, in all sorts of ways.  With a small bundle of tools and techniques (360° feedback/Belbin team role analysis)  we can help to spot where on the matrix below your team members might be now, and we can give developmental support on how to affect a shift into “high performing team” status.  So what are you waiting for?

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High performance, low potential. Every team needs some so give recognition for good work, use to coach others in getting done what matters. Then consider whether they really have no potential, which will be highly unlikely.  Everyone has potential, it just needs spotting and developing.  We can help you spot and develop!


Low performance, low potential. This crew could contain potential stars and backbones, they just might not be being motivated in the best way.  We ca help you counsel, establish trust, agree aims, and take action to help, including outplacement if best. It is vital you understand what makes your icebergs tick.


High performance, high potential group. They will need challenging work to stretch them.  We can help you coach and mentor them to agree stretching projects and produce satisfying career development.


Low performance, high potential individuals who are often bored from low challenge on a daily basis. They will need to be inspired, motivated, encouraged and managed very carefully indeed or else they can often be the instigators of nasty fighting.  We can help you determine whether there is any personal agenda in play.  Those who care more about their own, rather than the teams success, hunger after control or credit.  When this is evident, they are the ones who will fight for it but who will refuse to give it to others. It’s time for a tough conversation at this point and we can help you prepare to deliver it in a constructive, non-damaging way.

So to help create productive teams, approach Aresko at the earliest opportunity and avoid the naughty fighting culture which focusses on people.  Instead, let us help you focus on nice fighting which focusses on issues.

Productive Fit:

Those who don’t fit, fight. Team formation establishes team potential.

Icebergs and Problem Children, who don’t fit for one reason or another, ruin teams and do nothing but stop high performance. Let us help you create a more productive fit:

  1. Identify purpose. Why are we here? Know who you are before identifying those who fit or need a bit more help.
  2. Establish your code of conduct. How will you treat each other?

Will you interrupt each other during discussions correctly or incorrectly? 
What happens if someone is late or doesn’t follow through?
 Will you have fun or be serious? 
How will you solve disagreements?
 What does candor look like in your team?

All these are vitally important in building an effective and productive team culture and working environment.  Where are you and your team right now? Do you know for sure or is your wet finger in the air on this?

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Sharon Davidson
Organisational development professional specialising in personal, team and whole organisation improvement. Full range of OD tools and techniques available including: Belbin team role analysis; learning style inventories; 360 degree feedback; cultural assessments; personality psychometrics; strategic planning and workshop facilitation. (This list is not exhaustive!)

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  • Peggy Edwards says:

    I think this is an excellent idea, I work in a team which cracks are beginning to show as there is no recognition of the skills each of us have to offer. I want to develop a junior member of the team and will be looking back over Thursdays thoughts to help.

  • Aresko says:

    OK, then what you have described are one leadership issue (developing the team as a whole) and one management issue (developing the individual). Good luck, it will take patience, we can help if needed 🙂

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