THURSDAY THOUGHTS! - Do you value Monitor Evaluators appropriately?

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MEBelbin Team Roles are based on observed behaviour and interpersonal styles and this is somewhat dependent upon the situation you are in.  It relates not only to your own natural working style, but also to your interrelationships with others, and the work being done.  This is why the Observer Assessments should be situation specific.  So if you are completing a profile analysis for work, you should ask work colleagues to be your observers.  It just makes sense because you, and the people you work with, may well behave and interact quite differently in different teams or when the membership or work of the team changes. It is about contributing to an effective team rather than a non-proctive one after all.

So Dr Meredith Belbin identified 9 team roles and each one is associated with a typical behavioural and interpersonal strength. Each role will also have a “weakness” so there is no right or wrong in this context.

Monitor Evaluators are those amongst us who are most logical, discriminating and always make the right, very considered decisions!  When presented with 2 options, they are the ones who will weigh up all the pros and cons, apply analytical thinking to their conclusions, and they are usually high performers on the Watson-Galsner Critical Thinking Appraisal.  These folk will take all the actions and details from a Shaper and subject them to the most intense scrutiny in a very unemotional manner.  They are one of the “Thought Oriented” roles, so if you find yourself to be one of the “Action Oriented” roles, like a Shaper/Implementer/Completer-Finisher, then you will find yourself having to deal with one very shrewd cookie!

A good Monitor Evaluator knows when criticism is appropriate and a Plant will welcome this criticism in order to modify or rein in their most ridiculous ideas.  But they can clash too – sparks are inevitable when the Plant’s unique originality meets what they perceive as the inalienable logic of the Monitor Evaluator.  Then mediation is highly likely (call on one of your “People Oriented” roles – probably a Co-ordinator or Teamworker). In fact, the Plant, Monitor Evaluator and Co-ordinator could happily work together in harmony as a small, constructive and co-operative unit – but beware if they need to be productive as they are missing an Implementer to actually do anything.

Famous Monitor Evaluators include:

  • Margaret Thatcher (secondary role – in her desire for hearty debates); and
  • Gordon Brown.

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