THURSDAY THOUGHTS! - E-mail - Filter low priority messages - Lesson 8 (FINAL)

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The final week of our “Managing e-mail” series is an important week as not only does it finally keep unimportant messaging out of your in-box, but it celebrates Aresko’s First Birthday 🙂  This week we look at:

Empty your in box – everything should have its own place, and the inbox is not it!

Decreasing  your response time – The One Minute Rule

Crafting effective messages

Highlight Messages sent directly to you

Using disposable e-mail addresses

Consolidate multiple e-mail addresses

Script and automate repetitive replies

  • Filter low priority messages

Previous weeks have looked at rules to filter messaging so this shouldn’t be too much of a tough ask this week.  What I will ask you to do is review ALL lessons so far, engage with the ones you have resisted most (!) and celebrate both our first birthday AND the fact that by now, you should have significantly reduced the time you are having to spend ploughing through an overfull in box.

What we’ve been doing so far is reducing noise and focussing more rigorously on the professional messaging you REALLY have to deal with.  Do you get messages from Great Aunty Dorris which are full of cute kitten photos?  Or do you get a lot of CC messages from happy co-workers who perhaps spend rather more time on circulating jokes than you have the time to read?  If yes, then this week is for you ….

Step one : turn off FB friend notifications/google alerts and any other mailing list messages you’ve previously set up.  It’s good to “unsubscribe” to as many as you can THIS WEEK!

Step two : revise those “rules” you set up in week 4 and make new ones like:

  • delete any messages annoying.person@so and so .com
  • delete any message that don’t contain any one of the following e-mail addresses in the TO field (or redirect them to your not important folder)

One of the most common misuses of e-mail is the over-use of the CC box.  So think about a new CC folder and create a rule to directly send to that folder for sifting at your leisure.

But most importantly:  refresh your personal behaviour by reviewing ALL these lessons as a whole to the end of this week and over the weekend.  Then celebrate your new found precious resource of the time it has rediscovered for you and have a think about how ARESKO could help you in the future – then give us a call 🙂

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