THURSDAY THOUGHTS! - E-Mail - Use disposable addresses to reduce junk & spam - Lesson 5

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How’s it all  hanging together so far then?  This week is easy peasy and designed to reduce the amount of junk and spam (and therefore the time it takes to deal with it).  Probably  more attuned to your personal e-mail than a work one, particularly if you have aggressive spam filters in any case (but not exclusively).  But an easy week is always worth fitting in, particularly as you are now handling 4 lessons simultaneously in any case.  So, we now turn to:

Empty your in box – everything should have its own place, and the inbox is not it!

Decreasing  your response time – The One Minute Rule

Crafting effective messages

Highlight Messages sent directly to you

  • Using disposable e-mail addresses
  • Master message search
  • Future-proof your e-mail address
  • Consolidate multiple e-mail addresses
  • Script and automate repetitive replies
  • Filter low priority messages

Never heard of disposable mail addresses before?  You are in for a treat! is one such service (but there are others too).  What makes these different from gmail or yahoo is that you can only receive mail into them, you can’t send anything from them.  Here’s a link to Mailinator FAQs to find out more.  Make sure nothing too personal ends up in there and it will fast become the big black hole you’ve been needing for quarantining all that junk mail and spam!!

Most registration websites require that you use a legitimate mail address and its usual that you have to retrieve an activation message from that mail account to proceed.  This is where disposable mail addresses really come into their own, particularly if you use them for the sole purpose of registering on different sites and never intend to use them to handle any other sort of information thereafter. Registering on sites is the most frequently targeted mechanism for future junk and spam mail.  Some companies sell the registration details, others are merely trawled for that data.  In any case, that’s the foundation of much of the junk cluttering up your in box right now!  So adopt a barrier nursing approach to it and create a physical barrier between it and your much more interesting mail.  It will be soooo worth it 🙂

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