THURSDAY THOUGHTS! - How would you describe leadership in one word?

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pointing-fingerIf nothing else, leadership is about taking others with you, willingly.  But that is easier said than done!  It sounds like blindingly obvious common sense, but the jewel in the crown is to have a personal mental model for HOW to do that.  Leadership is very different to management, its sophisticated and tacit, so I’ve found this helpful (thanks to Dan Rockwell for the insight) throughout my own personal journey.




See the future: envision and communicate a compelling picture of a preferred future.

1. What do I want to be true of the future?

2. Why should anyone care?

3. How will progress be measured?



Engage and develop others: recruit and align people for the right job. Create environments where people bring vision to life.

1. What invited my engagement in the past?

2. Which of these factors are missing in those I lead?

3. How can I help teams and individuals grow?



Reinvent continuously: continuously focus on improvement.

1. How do I need to change?

2. Where do I want different outcomes?

3. What organisational changes will accelerate progress?



Value results and relationships: generate measurable results and cultivate great relationships.

1. Which is my personal bias as a leader – results or relationships?

2. How can I compensate for the area that’s not my personal strength?

3. What happens if I don’t broaden my definition of success?



Embody values: behave in a way, which is fully aligned with stated values.

1. What values do I want to drive behaviors in my organisation?

2. How can I communicate these values?

3.What are my actions and behaviour communicating?

So the ultimate question is:

“Am I a serving leader or a self-serving leader?”

Application of this insight is all about self reflection and being honest with yourself.  Dissatisfaction with others is really easy, but dissatisfaction with oneself, it really stings!  So, ask yourself: “How do I need to change?”  Leadership is all about YOU!  Look deep inside and be honest with yourself.  The chances are, everyone else has already seen it anyway!

 Organisations can only grow when their leaders grow : It’s probably time to take some personal action.

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