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I’m still away, but you can’t avoid a Thursday Thought! that easily 🙂

Yesterday, it was my 30th Wedding Anniversary.  I spent it on a tour of Santiago de Cuba with the man I married all those years ago when he was just a boy.  We have travelled an awful long way since 5th June 1982, but I would definitely recommend having a soul mate if you can possibly find one!

So this week’s question looks at personal qualities:

“What personal qualities do you look for in people for them to stand your test of time?”

I hope you join in on this one and I look forward to seeing if we are, really, searching for different things.

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One Comment

  • Alison Crawford says:

    Not terribly glamourous or sexy, but honesty and consistancy count for a lot. And a sense of humour and adventure. My best friend and I have been through a lot together, but it’s these qualities that get us through. Supportive but also able to be honest enough to say what needs to be said.

    In a work context, these are the attributes that I look for in people in my immediate circle. I don’t get to choose all my colleagues, but I do choose those that can count on me for anything and who I turn to for advice and support. As in my best friend, I need colleagues who will challenge me, and say what needs to be said without the fear of damaged egos.

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