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Here’s something to think about as we reach the annual mid-year point.  Have you actually delivered what you set out to deliver by now or have you allowed external pressures, flow and alternative focus to take over?  Is what you originally set out to deliver still relevant, and if not, have you identified why so you don’t waste time doing the same thing next year?  Are you really operating at your full potential, be that on an individual or organisational level?

Strategic organisational development is about having the tools and techniques to make good decisions, and more importantly, following through on them in a sustained and noticeable way. Having a great OD practitioner check in from time to time is vital to driving and maximising that potential for success.  Have a look at this and see if you can afford NOT to invest in this support – remember …. make good decisions!

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Sharon Davidson
Organisational development professional specialising in personal, team and whole organisation improvement. Full range of OD tools and techniques available including: Belbin team role analysis; learning style inventories; 360 degree feedback; cultural assessments; personality psychometrics; strategic planning and workshop facilitation. (This list is not exhaustive!)

Improvement is everyone's concern: +44 1550 720902 will start that process today.

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