THURSDAY THOUGHTS! - What does the workplace of the future look like?

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The Future is Now - Ornate ClockWe are working in testing times.  The pace is fast, the expectations are high and change is all around us like never before.  Many are struggling to keep up.

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A recent study, researching this question amongst 1130 leaders, produced the following:  The workplace of the future will, at its core, be described as owning and displaying the following characteristics:

  • Hungry for change;
  • Innovative beyond belief;
  • Connected;
  • Disruptive by nature; and
  • Genuine, not generous.

Do these characteristics apply to your organisation now – or perhaps just one or two do at this present time?  Score yourself, your manager and then your organisation on a scale of 1-5 below, with one being weak (others wouldn’t automatically see this characteristic) to 5 (this characteristic is embedded and commonly recognised as “the way we do things around here”), to see if you are part of the gap mentioned above, or whether you are really doing everything to try and narrow it.



Your Manager

Your Organisation

Hungry for change      

Conclusion: are you adding to your organisation’s resistance to change?

To be part of a high performing organisation, which is agile, nimble and ready for the demands of the future, you need to analyse your own state of readiness to help it be so, first. Any organisation is merely a collection of individuals, but it’s how those individuals act, react, behave and respond that gives any organisation its buzz.

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