THURSDAY THOUGHTS! - What's your best time management tip?

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Time management is the ever-present challenge in our lives today.  Too much to do, too little time to do it.  So at some stage, we’ve all spotted and used time management tips which work for us.  We are all, in one way or another, a great resource for finding out new tips!

So this week’s question asks just that:

“What is your best time management tip?”

Here’s mine for starters 🙂

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  • Peggy Edwards says:

    I have two and I know the first one will make Sharon smile – write a to do list. It makes you see the wood from the trees, it helps identify what is important and what isn’t and also enables you cut out the noise of what we think it work but really isn’t. My second is ‘see and treat’ get rid of those jobs that are easily crossed off, those that you can action straight away and enables you to free up your time for more indepth jobs to do. It also makes those waiting for the outcome of your work happy. Ohhh can I have a third? Work out what time of day you work at your best; I am a lark and work better early in the morning but am useless come the evening. I also work on indepth job better at home as I am my own worse enemy for distractions in the office. (That was easier than last weeks film question!)

  • Aresko says:

    Good tips Peggy. I like your third one especially – I”m an owl, so evenings is when I am most productive. Catch me first thing in the morning and I’m less than useless!

    Last weeks film question was easy – just picky your favourite film, in your case I’m sure its Star Wars – and work backwards i.e. think about the lessons it contains. Granted it takes a bit of thought process, but you are up to that!!!

  • madameestsortie says:

    I’m the opposite to Peggy – if I clear all the quick-win “I’ll just sort that now and then I’ll be completely clear to focus on X” jobs, then I never get round to actually tackling the big, proper, important job(s). And then you just end up firefighting as you never get round to making the ‘upstream’ changes.
    But in terms of pure practicality, I block out space in my diary, stick my headphones in, divert to voicemail and shut down outlook, and promise myself some maltesers when it’s over.

  • Aresko says:

    All that resonates with me Georgie! I too can use the quick wins as easy distractions so I know exactly what you mean. I too put “meetings with myself” in my diary to protect time for the important stuff. I’ve now got a fantastic sign for my office door which says “don’t even think about knocking” which one of my team made for me. It gives the right message in a fun way – nobody’s taken offence ….. yet 🙂

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