THURSDAY THOUGHTS! : What’s your favourite apps?

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appsPhoneEveryone seems to be working, or at least, accessing data, on the move nowadays.  Whatever your mobile device of choice, there are apps for them all.  They are snazzy little things!  Some more helpful than others and lots are actually free.

So, you have a mobile device, you’ve downloaded a shed load of apps, and now’s the time to actually start using them.

“Which apps couldn’t you possibly live without on a daily basis?”

 I will be generous and allow you a top 6 list, given that some are for accessing information, some are for interactivity, and some others will be about production of new information.

Here’s my top 6, and my reasons why:

  1. Dropbox – because I need access to my files from various different devices and this gives me instant version control!
  2. Twitter – because it allows me to get a feel for the news mood of the day and helps my ears  stay well tuned for trends and feedback.  Short and sweet – not too heavy on the reading!
  3. I-books – because I read every single day (personal and for reference) and I also find it very useful as a library for pdf’s needed for various meetings (less paper!!)
  4. Facetime or Skype for i-pad – because at any time I can be in touch, in a face to face way, with colleagues or clients. It’s important to keep what I do as personal as possible.
  5. iThoughtsHD – because the way I take notes is by mind mapping. I don’t care how many colleagues stare when I take notes using this – I will continue 🙂
  6. CloudOn – because its free and it allows me to  amend documents just like any desktop would.  Great for amendments on the go, particularly if you also have an i-pad keyboard for longer pieces of activity.

What are your favourite half dozen and why?

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